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Egyptian Museums

Museum Of Abdeen palace ( Cairo)
One of the most famous palaces built under the Mohamed Ali dynasty by the order of Khedive Ismail in 1863 and assigned as government residence from 1872 until 1952.It has many entrances. Kink Fouad added to it a museum for the royal collections especially the arms and swords offered to him . In 1936 King Farouk ordered that another special hall be set up for his personal collections, a library and a swimming pool. In 1998 another hall was added for the presents offered to President Hosny Mubarak. The museum combines several halls containing arms eucrusted with diamonds and made of gold , jewelry , crystals and precious objects. In the middle of its halls there is a fountain surrounded by antique guns .
El-Alamein Museum

Elamein Museum is located in Alamein, 130 Kms West of Alexandria. The museum includes four main halls representing the countries that participated in the El-Alamein Battle: Germany , England , Italy , and Egypt and a joint hall exhibiting weapons and tanks which were used in the battle, and paintings representing war scenes representing the manoeuvers of the battle and Egypt’s role during the war.
Open from 9 a m. till 5 p m.

El-Jawhara Palace Museum in the Citadel, Cairo
Established by Mohamed Ali in 1814, its walls are ornamented with Ottoman engravings . One of its most beautiful halls is the clock hall.

El-Manial Palace Museum Cairo
Established in 1899, and located in El -Manial district overlooking the Nile, it was the private residence of Prince Mohamed Ali Tawfik.
Its decore is a blend of Persian, Moroccan and Turkish architectural styles. It houses rare collections of jewellery, precious ornaments, splendid carpets, manuscripts and ceramics . It also contains the sun hall .

El Kharga Museum, The New Valley
It houses a collection of exhibits which date backthe Pharaonic, Hellenic, Roman , Coptic and Islamic periods .

The Coptic Museum
Situated in old Cairo, it houses a rare collection of early Christian relics, architectural remains, textiles, icons, and old manuscripts. Its exhibits reveal the splendor of old Coptic art with its colours and ornamentations which are considered a transitory style between Pharaonic and Islamic arts.
Visiting hours : 9 a m to 4 p m
For information : 3628766

The Egyptian Museum
Located at El-Tahrir square in the heart of Cairo, it is the largest Egyptian antiquities museum anywhere in the world. It houses about250.000 antique pieces covering the whole history of ancient Egypt which extends over a period of about five thousand years .
The exhibits of this museum are famous for their historical and artistic value. The most splendid is the collection of Tut-Ankh-Amon .
Visiting hours are from 9 a m to 7 p m daily except on Fridays from 9 a m to 4 p m and from 1.30 p.m to 4 p.m

Museum of Islamic Art, Cairo
Located at Bab El-Khalq square, it houses 10.200 pieces of ancient Islamic artifacts representing the different phases of Islamic civilization and showing the variety of Persian, Mameluke and Turkish art styles which reflect the development of Islamic art.
Hours: 9 a m to 4 p m except Fridays 9.30 a m till 11 30 a m and 1.30 p m until 4 p m
For information : +23901520.

Alexandria Museums

Museum of Alexandria
It houses artifacts dating to the Greco-Roman era, including statues, marble pillars and a collection of coins in addition to a collection of Christian artifacts, of which the most important is the Saint Mina collection.

Museum of Fine Arts, Alexandria
It is located on 18, Al-Mansheiya street, Moharram Bey, and it houses a number of works of sculpture, painting and architecture, as well as many exhibitions of contemporary art.

The Greco-Roman Museum, Alexandria
It houses Greco- Roman collections numbering about 40.000 pieces dating from the beginning of the third century B C till the seventh century A D, The most important exhibits are the famous Tanagra Statues . There is also a rare collection of Greek Coins.

The Naval Museum at Qaitbay Citadel, Alexandria
It combines models , paintings and statues portraying the development of navigation and ship building in Egypt since Pharaonic times until the present. They also represent the Egyptian naval battles throughout the ages.
Rommel Museum, Marsa Matrouh

It is a cave carved in the rocks where the German commander restricted on his own to draw up his military plans . The museum houses his most important belongings, as well as arms and military tools dating back to that time.
Museum of the Royal Family Jewellery, Alexandria

It was set up in Fatma El-Zahra's palace in Alexandria in Zizinia district. Its halls combine many paintings, decorations and rare statues . The museum contains a priceless collection of the rare jewels of the Mohamed Ali dynasty.
Wax Museum

Located in the suburb of Helwan South of Cairo near the mineral springs of Helwan, it comprises a collection of splendid statues of wax representing many historic events and historical events and characters.
Museum of the Royal Family Jewellery, Alexandria

It was set up in Fatma El-Zahra's palace in Alexandria in Zizinia district. Its halls combine many paintings, decorations and rare statues . The museum contains a priceless collection of the rare jewels of the Mohamed Ali dynasty.
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Luxor Museums

Luxor Museum
Located between Karnak and Luxor temples, it houses Pharaonic relics discovered in luxor and nearby sites.
Museum of the Monastery of St. Catherine, South Sinai

It hosts a rare collection of icons, and the most precious objects offered as gifts sent by Kings and rulers of the Christian world including crosses, gold crowns inlaid with precious stones and also gold-plated chandeliers.
Mukhtar Museum, Cairo

Located in a corner of El-Horreya garden in Gezira near El-Tahrir square, the museum contains a wide collection of the wonderful works of Mahmoud Mukhtar, Egypt’s greatest sculptor. The visitor can acquaint himself through the exhibits of the museum features of the contemporary Egyptian Sculpture.
Visiting hours : 9 a m till 3.30 p m

Mummification Museum, Luxor
The museum has been recently inaugurated in the visitors' center in Luxor .
It is the only one of its kind in the world. It houses 150 relics of mummies, coffins, the mummification tools that the ancient Egyptian physicians used, and paintings representing funerary rituals.
The Nubia Museum, Aswan

The museum houses 3.000 artifacts representing various archaeological periods throughout the history of Egypt ( prehistoric, pharaonic, Hellenic , Roman , Coptic and Islamic ) .


Port Saids Museums

The National Museum of Antiquities, Port Said
It is located on Palestine street overlooking the entrance of the Suez Canal and houses several thousands of relics which date from different ages : Pharaonic, Hellenic , Roman , Coptic , Islamic and Ottoman until the reign of Khedive Ismail . There are historical information and Audio-visual facilities in English and Arabic.

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