Beit El-Umma (House of the People)

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Beit El-Umma (House of the People)1

Beit El-Umma (House of the People)2

Beit El-Umma (House of the People)3

Beit El-Umma (House of the People)4

Beit El-Umma (House of the People)5

Beit El-Umma (House of the People)6

Beit El-Umma :
(House of the People) :

Beit El-Umma, or House of the People, was built at the turn of the century as a residence for the nationalist leader of modern Egypt and founder of the Wafd party, Saad Zaghlul (1857-1927). It has been carefully preserved in its original state as a museum, providing its visitors with a rare taste of the lifestyles of the Egyptian political elite at that time. It has an Art Nouveau dining room, Louis XV style reception rooms, an Arab style living room, Turkish baths and a fine library.

Inside the house, several portraits and photographs are hanged on the walls for Saad Zaghlul and his wife Safia Zaghlul as well as portraits for other members of the family, leaders and public speakers at the time. There is also a bronze statue of Saad Zaghlul right in the house's entrance.


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