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The Agricultural Museum

Even if you have no interest in agriculture, check out this museum. Of the 125 thousand square meters, only 20 thousand are given over to the museum building, of which another 20 percent are a riot of rare flowers and plants.  The extensive gardens are an oasis of peaceful greenery in a capital city with a frenetic pace.

Originally the palace of the Princess Fatma, daughter of the Khedive Ismail, it took the Ministry of Agriculture eight years to prepare the palace, which was opened as a museum in 1938. It contains 10 halls, some of which are closed.

There’s something for everyone. Bread, a vital part of life in Egypt, gets its own hall, with everything from different kinds of wheat to a machine used for filtering flour in ancient Egypt. Take a walk though the Egyptian countryside on the ground floor. And bug fans can get all fluttery over the insect collection, which actually contains a display of rare luminous bugs.

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